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Andrew Langsford

President and Founder
  • 40 Lake Bellevue Dr. Suite #230 Bellevue, WA 98005
For more than 15 years, Andy Langsford, Founder of VREG, has been deeply involved in Washington real estate. As a leader in brokerage, note-worthy land, building assemblages and a long-term investor within the Real Estate industry since the start of his career – Andy has led the team to many successes over the past 10 years at Venture Real Estate Group. Through his accomplishments, Andy earned a local reputation as an expert in the industry, leading him to establish Venture Real Estate Group in 2005. Mr. Langsford has acquired millions of dollars of Real Estate, which encompasses residential, commercial, land, apartment and office buildings. He has brokered over $30,000,000 of Real Estate since obtaining his license. His passion for VREG is clear through his investments and assistance in achieving financial goals in today’s economy. Mr. Langsford’s vision and unique expertise are what guide the company to produce great communities and high-quality Real Estate Projects. His leadership has empowered our Brokers with advice; continued education and an environment in which they can thrive, grow and succeed. Overall, this yields a quality of life for buyers, sellers, and investors that fit their financial endeavors. VREG has undertaken various projects that have proved very profitable. Some examples of these were the senior housing projects, development and senior housing land. Born in South Africa, Mr. Langsford moved with his family at the age of 10 to Sequim, Washington where he was raised. He moved to the Greater Seattle Area to study business administration and real estate from the age of 18. Following his continued education, he began his business career in 2005 by founding VREG, which invests in the quality of life for buyers, sellers and investors. He focuses his attention on community development, asset management and distressed properties. Describing his mission for VREG, he says, “People are my passion! As a broker and business owner, we concentrate on one’s financial disciplines. By getting homeowners and their families where they need to be or achieving the maximum return on equity for our investors. Both creating quality of life and remarkably balanced communities. Our goal is to consistently develop, sustain and improve our craft. This is a challenge and opportunity for anyone in real estate.” Mr. Langsford views a successful deal as one where they can meet and exceed their client’s expectations. Competitive, fast and efficient. He provides outstanding client counseling, education and service through each step of the buying and selling process. His attention to detail and the emphasis he places on educating his clients throughout the transaction has earned him praise from his clients and fellow associates. Mr. Langsford is an avid tennis player, enjoys the game of cricket and spending time with his wife, Jamie.